Winter is the Best Season

I love a lot of things about my home of Slovenia, but winter is probably my favorite thing about living here. I could never live somewhere that did not have a real winter, I would miss the snow too much and what it represents to me. It is my favorite time of year for one thing; I love the holidays and the way snow makes everything so beautiful. For another, there is so much to do.

We are blessed to live in such beautiful country any time of year, but the snow makes it look incredible. Straight out of a postcard or a storybook. If you don’t believe me, visit Lake Bled after a snowfall. Between the glass-like lake, the snowy mountains, and the church on its little island, you will think you are in a perfect painting. I have never seen anything to top that amazing sight.

Ljubljana in winter is lovely. There are so many holiday lights visible and they add an air of magic to the colder weather. Winter markets are the best for finding just about anything! These holiday markets make shopping for loved ones easy. It is also a great place to get mulled wine, one of my seasonal favorite drinks. It can really take the sting out of a cold day! I love to get some mulled wine and just sit near the river to people-watch.

We also love nativity scenes, and you can see those in a multitude of places. Even in the Postojna caves!

If you love to ski, as I do, Slovenia is a paradise full of slopes. There are many ski resorts and there are many options when it comes to trails. You can find everything from bunny slopes to kid-appropriate to advanced trails as well as everything in between. And we make it easy by offering a SkiPass ticket, which opens up your access to all the resorts! I recommend Cerkno or Kranjska Gora. Some of our mountains maintain snow cover until June!

If you find yourself at a ski resort but don’t much feel like strapping in and heading down a slope, you are still very fortunate. Lucky for you, most of the resorts are near towns—nothing out in the middle of nowhere here—so if you don’t like to ski but want to enjoy the beautiful scenery while you stroll through town as your friends are enjoying the slopes, that is also an option. There is also a lot of winter hiking, snowboarding, sledding, skating, and snowshoeing options if skiing is not your thing. Spa resorts are another great place to stay in the winter months! They are less crowded and so you can get better rates, always a good benefit in my book.

So if you like to be surrounded by beautiful scenery, love to shop, or are physically active in the summer, plan a visit to Slovenia. Maybe we can sit down with some mulled wine together!