When I used to tell people I was from Slovenia, they thought I meant Lower Slobovia from the Lil’ Abner cartoon. I was not amused. It is a derogatory term for an undeveloped place that is socially backward and my home country is anything but. I probably shouldn’t have even brought it up but the comparison is inevitable for people who remember the rural character. My Slovenia is not Slovakia either. Oh my gosh. I guess it is good that I have a blog to set you straight. Here we go. We are a member of NATO and the European Union but were previously a republic of Yugoslavia. We achieved independence in 1991. We are a modern democracy in South Central Europe bordered by Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia. While this makes for a rich mix of regional cultures, we have our own identity. As an alpine country, the scenery is simply gorgeous and attracts visitors far and wide. Come one day and explore the beauty of our distant vistas. Closer at hand our towns and villages offer a wonderful tourist experience.

I do what I can to make foreigners welcome, as they have made me feel when I travel. In fact, I have been known to lead groups to enjoy the sights and sounds of my area. I get revved up when I meet new people and recently I was so sad to have to cancel a tour. I got a terrible cold and was too sick to get out of bed. I am sure you all know the feeling. Fortunately, it doesn’t happen too often. I am pretty healthy but I was really laid up with this cold. I had to call the doctor who made an immediate house call. They do that in my town. We have our distinct traditions.

After his visit, I followed his recommendations to get plenty of rest and avoid the public as I could spread the cold at this stage. I had to eat hot soup and not load up on heavy foods that could upset my system. It wasn’t functioning at its best. He also said to keep warm and grab a blanket if necessary. I have a nice quilt so that was simple advice to follow. His most interesting request was to use a cool mist humidifier from Humidity Helper so I could breathe easier.

I didn’t have one lurking in my closet so I called a friend who did me the great service of buying one. It took a while to find it as I didn’t want to order it online and wait for delivery. It did me a world of good I have to say. It is lightweight and portable and I plugged it into my bedroom so I could feel the effects while resting. The mist felt so good and helped to unplug my closed up nasal passages. It is an ingenious device that anyone can use. By all means, get one today.