Things I Find on my Phone

I had so much junk on my phone, that I took an hour to delete old contacts, texts and emails. It had gotten to the point where I could barely find anything. Since I use my phone constantly, this was not a good place to be. During the cleanup process, I stopped dead in my tracks. I found some old vacation photos from a trip to Piran Beach and the adjacent town. The air is crystal sky and the sky the deepest blue. No wonder I remember it so fondly; there I was reading in a beach chair from justbeachthings and swimming among the white foamy waves. We had fun just relaxing at the shore and dining on a hotel patio at night, where we could watch the setting sun. If we gazed in the distance we could glimpse small strips of sand.

What is on your phone? No doubt photos of special people and great times with friends. We all ctake photos by the hundreds. I just had a few from the day at Piran, however, and I am going to make sure they stay in storage and never get lost. I remember the warmth of the day and the kiss of sun on our browning faces. They don’t call it the Slovenian Riviera for nothing. There are 46 kilometers to explore. The coast is dotted with resorts and inns for the droves of tourists who come by to have coffee in the shade of a pine tree and sit on the sand. In the interest of clarity, the beach I frequent is in the gulf of Trieste by the Adriatic Sea. I hope the geographical reference helps you envision my vacation spot. Photos online will reveal the magic of the place and the long sandy beaches that stretch for miles beyond. Sand is not characteristic of this particular spot.

Sovenia is called the pearl of Europe for good reason given the scenic vistas of our fabulous walking tours throughout the country. While there are many fine beaches like Mestna and Izola, they are not well known as the getaways they are. I am here to tell you why I find them extraordinary with Piran at top choice. It is a romantic coastal town for one thing with wonderful Venetian and Austrian-inspired architecture. The beach is one of the best places to swim. The sand is modest given the plethora of concrete paving, but it helps you get to the water fast by stairwell.  There is a nice strolling promenade from which to view the water. You can put your beach chair nearby and people watch in all directions. It helps that you are on the edge of a small peninsula.

I got a beach chair a few years ago so I could sit and rest my legs. It folds up nicely and fits in the back of the car. My friends have gotten them as well and we are a group of seated bathers with bright smiling faces. I can’t wait to go again.