Perfect Day at the Marketplace

We had lovely weather today and my friends and I did not know what to do with ourselves. It was too nice to be indoors but we didn’t have a lot of motivation to do anything productive like a hike or something like that.

Then we realized we were all looking to buy little things, a hat, some vegetables for a meal to impress a date (that one was not me, hahaha), a pair of pants, and some flowers. I was quite hungry, so all I wanted to get was something to eat. I did not care where we went!

As I said earlier, the weather was really nice so there were a lot of people at the market. Everyone seemed to have the same idea we did but that was Ok with us. It was still easy enough to walk around so the crowds were not a bother. We wandered around for a bit and looked for the things we needed. I became more and more hungry the longer we were out and the amount of walking we did certainly increased my appetite!

My friend looking for food was able to purchase the vegetables she needed for her salad and also got some fresh bread and pastry for dessert. She was very pleased and I am sure that her date is going to love it all. She is a nice person so I really hope the dinner date goes well, it is a big step that she is cooking for him!

We located the hat and the pants after some looking, but I think that is just because they were being picky. There was plenty of stuff that I thought was great, and I was very tempted to buy something for myself. I refrained only because it is still two days until payday and I wanted to be sure I had enough to get food.

By that time one of my friends was complaining her feet hurt so we finally decided to get something to eat. We got something to eat and then sat down for a bit. We talked, ate, and watched the crowds go by. Once we finished our meal, we headed back to buy the flowers. It was a gift for a friend’s mother, he said that she has not been feeling well and wanted some flowers to cheer her up. That made me happy to hear.

It was so nice to spend time with friends today even if they were all essentially running errands. I am glad that we went to the market to get all of that done so that we could be together for a bit. Everyone felt very accomplished (even me, because I felt very full) and as if we had used this nice day to our advantage quite nicely.

Now it is time for me to sit back and relax and put my feet up for a bit. I am tired from all that food and walking, but I just had to stop in and let everyone know about my lovely day!