Big Day for my Sister

I still live in the area in which I was born and raised here in Slovenia. If you are not familiar with this country that declared its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991, I am here to explain who we are in central Europe. Given that I haven’t left home, my sister is still nearby. She has been attending nursing school at the University of Maribor and I wanted to get her something special for graduating. It is a big milestone in her life, as it would be for anyone who completes a career program. It isn’t good enough to go out and celebrate over a bottle of wine and a meal.

I wanted something appropriate and symbolic of her destiny. I tried to picture her in her nurses’ garb attending patients in a hospital. I saw it! There was a stethoscope around her neck. I could get a special one so she would remember me whenever she wore it. We are close and depending upon where she lands, we may not see each other as often. While in school, she wasn’t that available either. Her studies required considerable timer and attention. I was thrilled that she would be getting a job even though it might be in another city of Slovenia. We are a small enough country that I could take the train and visit. Meanwhile she would have my gift.

For a novice, choosing a stethoscope for a doctor or nurse isn’t an easy task. There are many kinds, including a pediatric model. I wanted a basic type and one with every bell and whistle. So, what is the difference between a top-tier model and a journeyman’s device? I certainly didn’t know, so I went and found a web site called Ward Heroes to help me. Sure, you can go by price, but you still might not get what is right for a general nurse. There are classic stethoscopes and those best for cardiac care. I wanted the cutting-edge design with the appropriate length of tubing and absolute accuracy when it comes to acoustic performance. After all, these things are used for patient assessment and diagnosis. Interestingly enough, the chestpiece comes in several shapes. The tunable diaphragms on either side are there to capture a wide range of frequencies, thus enabling the nurse to listen to adults and children alike. Low frequency is accessed with light pressure while the higher frequency with a firmer touch.  The tubing clarifies the sound and they have come along when in recent years without rubber latex or plastic. Now they must be resistant to skin oil and alcohol.

I now know a lot more than I did and am sure to make the best selection. I got a dual head, stainless steel chestpiece, an aluminum headset, soft eartips and a stethoscope that converts to pediatric use. It is a real gem as far as I can tell from reviews. I checked it out with the experts and am sure it will perform as expected.