Bad Date Last Night

Do you have a bad date night story? I think it is something everyone has to go through so that we appreciate the good dates that we have. You can write about yours in the comments so that I feel better, how’s that sound?

Back to my date last night. It was arranged by a friend with someone I did not know. A blind date. We had talked on the phone once or twice and texted a few times in order to get to know each other and to see if a date in person would be worth it. We both decided that it was a good idea although now I am not entirely sure why we thought this.

When we were talking on the phone about where we should go, it took us a while. He really did not seem like he wanted to make a decision. I should have taken that as a bad sign! I finally offered the idea to go to ŽMAUC. It seemed that we both like going there – the food, the cartoon decorations, and the music – so that seemed like an obvious choice for a fun night. I chose a night that there would be a DJ party and asked if we could go there a little early to get something to eat.

An early dinner meant that we could sit and talk for a while to see if we were compatible. But also gave us less pressure. If we did not have a good time while eating our food, we would not have to worry about talking over the music once the DJ started his set. We could also use the DJ as an excuse to leave – if the date was going well, we could always go somewhere quieter if we wanted to talk, and if we were struggling, I could pretend I didn’t like the music and wanted to go home.

We met up just outside ŽMAUC and the night started out bad. My date did not look much like what he said he did. To be fair, I don’t think he was impressed with me, either. He did not smile when he greeted me. I am not sure what ideas he had in his head but it certainly didn’t seem like I measured up!

We went inside and managed to find somewhere to sit. We ordered our food and I asked him a few questions about himself. I already knew about his job and where he lived from when we talked on the phone, so I asked him about other things – favorite holiday, places he would like to visit, things like that. He never once asked me a question. It did not seem like he wanted to know anything about me. That annoyed me and so I stopped asking questions in the hope that he would get the hint. He did not! We ate the rest of our meal in silence, and we didn’t bother staying long enough to hear the DJ.

I had some choice words for my friend who picked him for me afterward!