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You will find useful links to various news-related resources in our article "English Language News on Slovenia". In addition, we also recommend the following links to other sites offering helpful information about Ljubljana and Slovenia:

The Ljubljana Tourist Board home page, with a regularly updated event calendar.

The Ljubljana Blog ...a blog about events and life in Ljubljana.

Friday Night Drinks ...a monthly gathering of international expats in Ljubljana.

Guinness Laughter Lounge ...the only place you'll find English language stand-up comedy in Slovenia!

Slovenia News ... a blog about news stories from Slovenia.

Slovenia Welcomes ...a tourist guide to Slovenia with a nice collection of photos and a database of gostilnas.

Historic Towns of Slovenia ...a wealth of information about historic towns such as Ċ kofja loka and Ptuj.

Burger.si ...an interactive guide to Slovenia.

Thezaurus.com ...an Australian guide to Slovenia.

Ljubljana's Brnik Airport ...general information and flight details.

Weather Information ...Forecasts and current weather data for Ljubljana.


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