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Culture & Entertainment

With numerous venues for classical, alternative, jazz or world music, a thriving club scene with top live acts and DJs, a full dozen theaters, more than 30 museums and art galleries, a hip art-house cinema and an international film festival there's always something going on in Ljubljana.

Our Culture and Entertainment section has a roundup of the most popular venues.
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Cafe, Bars & Pubs

Ljubljana has dozens upon dozens of cafes and bars, ranging from laid-back lounges to raucous student dives. Many of the most popular places are located right near the city's scenic riverside, ideal for long, relaxed people-watching sessions in warmer weather.

Where to find the best nightlife? Check out our Cafes Bars and Pubs section. Looking to meet other expats? Head on over to our Expat Page for info on groups & events, such as the ever-popular Friday Night Drinks club.

Dining Out

Eating in a Ljubljana restaurant is almost like getting a geography lesson. Local cuisine combines the best of Balkan, Italian and Central European cooking, while most seafood here comes fresh from the Adriatic. Exotic specialties from remoter climes are also available, and prices are usually excellent.

Use our Dining Out section to help satisfy your appetite. Need a room for the night? Our updated Ljubljana Hotel and Hostel Guides will help you find the best accommodations.


With several big downtown department stores, lots of small specialty shops and boutiques, even a thriving open market offering produce, clothes, flowers and handicrafts, shopping in Ljubljana is more than a breeze, its a pleasure.

Find what you're looking for in our Shopping About section. Need to buy or sell something second-hand? Try the Slovenia Life Message Forum.


Founded by the Romans, inhabited or invaded over the centuries by diverse peoples, Ljubljana's rich historical legacy was re-energized by early modern architecture and Slovenian independence. Yet it's also a green, pedestrian-friendly town with a relaxed pace.

Our Sightseeing section tells you all about Ljubljana's must-sees and Hidden Treasures that will make your holiday an experience to remember.

Getting Around

First time here? Don't worry: it's really easy to find your way around in Ljubljana. Most printed information comes in English, and you can ask pretty much anyone you meet for directions or advice. We've also covered all the basics for you to make things simple.

If you need a place to stay, our updated Ljubljana Hotel Guide will help you find the best accommodations for your needs.

Destination Guides

We will soon be adding additional holiday travel guides for other destinations in Slovenia, as well as special interest sections on topics such as Business, Real Estate, Recreation, Spas and Wellness Centers, Farm Tourism, and Adventure Travel.

If you would like to submit comments or material for the site, please get in touch with us and send us your ideas.

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